Nisa Ryan

Silent Warrior

Yumeko was raised among the shinobi, silent warriors known for their ability to blend into the shadows and pass unseen between the worlds of the living and the dead. And though she cannot speak, her fighting ability and magic say more than words ever could.

When the spirit of a samurai lord pleads for Yumeko’s help in seeking his revenge, she finds herself on a journey through both the lands of the living and the dead only to discover a nefarious plot she was never meant to be involved in. On top of this, Yumeko’s growing feelings toward the ghost are both haunting and disturbing. How can one love a ghost?

A war between the clans is brewing, forbidden love is stirring, and Yumeko must solve this mystery before she becomes permanently silenced.

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January 31st 2020!

The Drakarion Riddle

The Centrian kingdom has been at war with the Tenkuni empire for generations, but they forge an unsteady alliance when Yuna, the last heir to the Tenkuni Imperial throne, is arranged to wed the drakarion King of Centria, Soren Cindar, in exchange for peace.

Yuna has heard tales that the drakarion king is vicious, merciless, and cursed. But when they meet she finds that he is not the man she thought he would be. And when Yuna arrives at her wedding, her would-be husband is nowhere in sight. Worse, no one seems to know what happened to him. Determined to save their tedious alliance Yuna embarks on a mission to find the missing King with the help of a set of rare artifacts called the Drakarion Amulets. Legends say that these amulets when joined into one, hold power over those born with dragon blood in their veins.

With the help of two mysterious warriors named Rin and Cale, Yuna seeks to locate the amulets and rejoin them, find the king, and save her people from a sinister new power brewing in the shadow of the missing monarch. A power far more dangerous than the drakarion ever was.

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April 10th 2020!

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