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Thank before you toss!

29/03/2020 NisaRyan 0

════๏✩༺✧༻✩๏════ Recently, thanks in part to Netflix, Marie Kondo, whose name in Japanese is Akie Kondo (近藤 麻理恵), has been making waves across the Western […]

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Something Wild

11/08/2019 NisaRyan 0

This past week I picked up a copy of Wilder Girls by Rory Power. If you haven’t heard of this book circulating the YA social […]

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Tengu (天狗): The Dogs of Heaven

20/05/2019 NisaRyan 0

The Dogs of Heaven – Tengu (天狗) 深く入りて 神路のおくを尋ぬれば また上もなき 峰の松風 fukaku irite kamiji no oku otazunureba mata ue mo naki mine no matsukaze Following […]

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Inari O-kami (稲荷大神)

16/05/2019 NisaRyan 0

Inari O-kami, also known as O-Inari Sama, is the Japanese Kami/kamui (God/spirit) of industriousness, grains, the harvest, agriculture and is generally viewed as a fertility […]