Nisa Ryan

Silent Warrior

Yumeko was raised among the shinobi, silent warriors known for their ability to blend into the shadows and pass unseen between the worlds of the living and the dead. But, Yumeko takes these abilities to a new level. Having lost her ability to hear and speak at a young age, she is familiar with silence in a way most others never will be, though she cannot hear the living she can hear the calls of the dead. And though she cannot speak her fighting ability and magic say more than words ever could.

When the spirit of a nobleman pleads for Yumeko’s help in seeking his revenge, she finds herself on a mission whose dark forces run like roots that go deeper and spread more extensive than she could ever have imagined. Yumeko journeys through both the lands of the living and the dead to find the answer she seeks only to find herself both hunter and hunted as her own shinobi clan is set against her.

Yumeko must solve this mystery before she becomes permanently silenced.

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Release date December 8th 2019~ Silent Warrior


Seventeen-year-old Marco Torres-Watanabe is desperately trying to reconnect with his mother. Ever since his dad’s death, she’s been so focused on work she barely has any time for Marco.

So, when summer break begins with a trip to visit his grandmother in Japan, Marco has hopes that his mom will finally live up to her promises but instead, work takes over. One night, after arguing again, Marco packs his bags and runs off to take refuge in the woods. But, when he awakens the next morning, he finds that he’s been transported into a mystical world populated by a nefarious war-lord, dangerous Oni, magical yokai and a mysterious glowing sword known as the Oni-waka No Tsurugi.

With the help of a Tengu warrior and a sly Kitsune, Marco must find a way to save this land from an evil war-lord and get back home before it’s too late.

Oni-Waka is inspired by Japanese folklore, especially yokai legends. It is an exploration of the relationships forged between family and friends and what happens when those relationships break down. This story sheds light on one teen’s quest to save the world while also saving himself and what family he has left.

Oni-Waka is set to release in January 2010.

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